“Your house burns, a comedy a little sad”: the fire of memory

For his play “Your house burns, a comedy a little sad”, Simon Boulerice, was inspired by a news item to start writing.
This news story spoke of a family’s need to burn down their homes because of the presence of the weeping ladybird, a devastating fungus attacking wood.

“I wanted to give a second wind to this story,” says Simon Boulerice. This second wind takes the form of family discussions led by four women, the owner of the house to destroy, his two daughters, to which their aunt, the owner’s sister-in-law, joins.

The arrival of Simon Boulerice as author for the Productions in turn comes from a small detour, the intervention of the director Edith Patenaude, says Dany Michaud, artistic director of the Gaspé theater.

“I saw several Édith Patenaude productions, including 1984 , at the Denise-Pelletier theater. I asked him to come and work with us, to make his choice of author […] It was Edith who had the idea to invite Simon to write the piece, “says Dany Michaud.

“I was given carte blanche, which is not often easy,” said Edith Patenaude, who saw the opportunity to propose to Simon Boulerice, his close cousin and former roommate, the writing of the play.

“It was the perfect context to just have fun, with tender and funny sides. Your house burns, it came after, “she says, about the play that explores the role of the family to give a soul to a house, and probably also the role of a house to animate a home. family.

The Theater in turn has always had a strong penchant for dramatic comedies, staying away from the summer’s “cream pie” theater, although humor usually takes up a lot of room, a fine humor.

“Edith was very present in the dramatic process. I did not just want anger and revenge, as we see on TV. I wanted to tenderness too, “says Simon Boulerice.

Thus, Murielle’s house, played by Micheline Bernard, is infested with weeping merules. The widow of 61 years is forced to burn her ancestral home and what it contains. But before, to commemorate their lives in this precious house, Murielle invites her two daughters, played by Anne Trudel and Ariane Côté Lavoie, to eat a meal that will turn delirious from the unexpected arrival of her sister-in-law, Agnes, played by Monique Spaziani.

“She’s a crazy, lively, very lively and colorful aunt,” she summarizes about her character, who still competes in beauty contests and loves carpentry.

This 38 th production turns Theater will travel after passing the Gaspé. “We are talking with theaters in Quebec City and Montreal. This piece should have a second life, “notes Dany Michaud.

Your house burns, a somewhat sad comedy is presented until August 16, 2019, Carleton-sur-Mer Arts Quay. Reservations at 418-364-6822, ext. 351, online at www.productionsatourderole.com .

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