You’re a le p’tit Breton if you don’t do a perfect on this quiz on The Tour Montparnasse Infernal

T'es un tout p'tit Breton si tu ne fais pas un perfect à ce quiz sur La Tour Montparnasse Infernale

Published ago 9 hours Posted 8 nov. 2018 14:00:04Ecrit by Laëtitia Mr.

“You’re cute, but you’re a le p’tit Breton”, if you do not know by heart The Tour Montparnasse Infernale ! Proves we are in this quiz as you are at the height of the duo Eric & Ramzy !

1. Eric and Eamzy wash tiles which floor of the Tower at the beginning of the film ?

  • has

    42nd floor

  • b

    52nd floor

  • c

    62nd floor

  • d

    32nd floor