Zinchenko had called the five players who thinks the best in the world

							Зинченко назвал пятерку футболистов, которых считает лучшими в мире

Midfielder “Manchester city” and the national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Zinchenko announced the names of five players who in his opinion are the best in the world, reports UNN.

In the first place was the Croatian midfielder of real Madrid Luka Modric, situated on the second Argentine Lionel Messi from the Catalan “Barcelona”, the third leader of the national team of Portugal and Turin’s Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo. Fourth place went to PSG striker and national team of France Kilian Mbappe, and the fifth is located the player of “Liverpool” and the national team of Egypt Mohammed Salah.

Earlier it was reported that Zinchenko played the full match for the “Teams” against Fulham.