Zlata ognevich refused from eating meat and poultry

Злата Огневич отказалась от употребления мяса и птицы

At the ceremony M1 Music Awards-2018 4 Seasons, last December 1, the Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich appeared on the red carpet in a glittering dress, accentuating her slender figure.

Today. Lifestyle asked the actress, as she was preparing to release and as of now is watching a figure: “in sports, a little was on a diet, made body care. It’s all kinds of wraps, massages,” admits gold.

In addition, the actress told us in an exclusive commentary, what kind of sports she loves to do: “I always do the ground training, it’s like those exercises that ballet dancers do at the Barre, only on the floor. And keep on stretching”.

Zlata also gave some advices and told me what products refused: “I have more than two years do not eat meat, including poultry. Only seafood. I have also given up all dairy products. That is, do not eat no cheese or my favorite cheese pizza – “Margarita” and “Quatro formaggi” (Four cheese), or cheese cakes. I saw a very good result and suggest to all girls to try. Thus leaving the extra weight, swelling, the skin is cleansed, becomes very healthy”, reports “Today”.