Zombie Run France : 3 good reasons not to miss the event

You’re a fan of The Walking Dead and hurdle race of any kind ? An invasion of zombie is expected to 40km from Paris… They give you all the details !

This is the weekend that you must not miss ! The Zombie Run debuts in France for the first time on Saturday 17 November on the island of leisure of Jablines-Annet, and the program is crazy ! You’re going to have to try to escape a hundred of hungry zombies on a route of 8 km with 12 obstacles… Two waves of rescues are planned : The Zombie Run day for those who are starting to experiment with that (but not at night because when the same zombie + dark… Should not be messing around !) and the Zombie Run at night for the brave who are not afraid of anything ! If you are reluctant to take your places, we give you 3 good reasons not to miss the event.

Zombie Run France : 3 bonnes raisons de ne pas manquer l’événement

Start taking reflexes in case one day the world is confronted with an invasion of zombie

We’re not going to lie, after having seen an episode of The Walking Dead we all already imagined what it would be, a REAL invasion of zombies. Imagine living cloitré at home and go out in a city completely empty… The Zombie Run is the opportunity to live the experience to the full and to prepare for the inevitable. Because yes, the day of the invasion you need to have a good cardio, know how to run and especially to be able vesqui the zombies with agility !

Put themselves in the shoes of a true survivor

Nothing to envy to the actors of the film that manage to survive at all (hello Will Smith), an invasion of zombie, and coming up when even to save the world. This is the time to prove that you too can be a true survivor and take the place of Rick Grimes in the next season of The Walking Dead. And it, it is still rather canon !

A unique experience to share with your friends !

The end of the week arrives and they ask themselves the same question, what is I gonna do with my weekend ? Because we agree, after a (long) week of work, we must find something unique to do with your friends. In true, you know that often ends in Netflix & chill, family dinner and quiet evening at home, but if one day a buddy calls you and offers you to do a race with zombie, how you would react ? You know what you need to do !

Registration for the race closes this weekend, so grab your tickets right HERE !